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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am a very experienced archery coach.  I am based at Bowbrook Archers in Shrewsbury although I am happy to travel reasonable distances to archers own venues.  I work with all standards of archers, from beginners to elite and cover all main bow types and archery disciplines. 

I believe in archer led coaching.  I have the technical knowledge to improve all archers.  I am passionate about working with the individual archer to ensure I tailor a coaching plan to met their specific needs.  I do not follow a set technical process but I would say my coaching is heavily influenced by Coach Kim and he probably reflects a lot of the coaching direction I take.  I recognize the need to coach the person in front of me and to make provision for their bodies' physiology, time they can commit and their ultimate goals.  A social archer just wanting to improve would go through a much different process to a performance archer wanting to get onto their national team.

My coaching philosophy revolves around keeping the shot as simple as possible.  I aim to keep the forces generated by the body during the opening of the bow as closely aligned to the shooting plane as is feasible.  This prevents the build up of secondary forces that can influence the shot after the string has been released.  I also believe that in a standing up sport, balance is vitally important, as is the active use of the core.  I also focus on the activation of the correct muscles in the correct proportions and sequence through the shot to achieve good alignment and strong shot execution.  Finally I focus on the relationship between technique that is under conscious control, the impact on technique of the equipment being employed, the appropriate conditioning of the body to enable a controlled shot to be made and faults in the Neural Pathway that interfere with the application of good technique.

Finally I am specializing in coaching archers who are suffering from target panic in its various guises.  If you are struggling with your shooting because of target panic I would love to hear from you.

  • I am a licensed ArcheryGB coach.  I have a current cleab DBS certicate and have undergone full safeguarding training.

  • I'm a Level 4 (Senior) AGB, Archery Coach.

  • I'm a World Archery certified L2 Coach Educator

  • I hold two psychology degrees to Masters level from UK universities.

  • I hold a post graduate certificate in higher education

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